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Thank you for selecting Jada Jo’s Kitchen for your Catering/Private Dining experience. Chef Jada’s goal is to provide her clients with delicious food and an exceptional experience. If you are reviewing this agreement, together, we have completed a consultation or communicated in order to assess your needs as well as preferences. Dietary restrictions have been discussed as well as any food allergies.

Jada Jo’s kitchen is a professional catering and private dining experience service owned and operated by Chef Jada Johnson with respect to all parties involved this business policy statement is furnished to clients, so they are aware of how this business operates.

She spends a lot of time and energy planning, researching, communicating and executing these food services. Please be aware by using this website and booking any service or purchasing any products with Jada Jo’s Kitchen you are agreeing to their terms of service. She does not offer any refunds for products purchased. If you have any questions, please inquire before your payment is submitted.

Booking Services

Your service date(s) are booked on the Chef’s calendar when 50% payment is received, and funds have cleared. It is recommended to book services and complete your consultation 3-4 weeks prior to actual event date to secure your preferred date. A surcharge may be applicable on bank and public holidays. This will be discussed with you if you request such a date.


Changes / Cancellations

Jada Jo’s Kitchen requires 10 days advance notification of any change in service dates, number of guests, venue, menu, etc. or cancellations of your event in its entirety.

Its with regret that you’re informed that Chef Jada cannot offer any refund if you cancel less than 10 days in advance of the booked appointment. In some instances, the Chef may be able to change the date (as long as the time, menu and number of people remain the same), subject to the availability of the chef, but this is not guaranteed. You may wish to consider taking out suitable insurance to cover cancellations beyond your control.

Very rarely there may be a delay in the arrival of your chef, or we may need to cancel your booking for reasons beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions, sudden illness, unavailability or breakdown of transport or equipment. The Chef will do her best to notify you as soon as possible and arrange a different chef, however, in the event that she must cancel, we will offer an alternative date. Should this not be possible, you will receive a full refund. Regrettably, in these circumstances, we are unable to reimburse travel, accommodation or any other expense that you or your guests may incur in relation to the cancelled booking. Delays may result in a percentage being reimbursed to the client for any inconveniences—this is subject to the discretion of the Chef.



Chef Jada spends a tremendous amount of time prepping for events to provide an exceptional experience to all clients. If the client requires a traveling service, they will be subjecting to a traveling fee starting at $150.00. Clients should be made aware that the fee various based on the location and duration of their event.


Fee-plus System

Chef Jada work on a fee-plus system, meaning anything outside the scope of agreement there will be a fee charged to accommodate. This includes change of venue, number of people eating, complexity of menu and any other changes the Chef deems applicable.

The following will familiarize you with our policies:


Clients are expected:

  • Clients are charged based on the menu items selected, the venue, the number of guests, the date of the event, and other accommodations request via the client.

  • Menu suggestions will be provided during the course of our consultation. You accept the menu and agreement by email, telephone, or contract signature and confirmation. If you would like additional menu changes or items, please notify the Chef within 10 days of event date. Please note changes will alter the pricing of your event and may require money owed at the time of change.

  • Once you accept the menu, Jada Jo’s Kitchen will shop for all necessary food items and ingredients and prepare and cook the meals for you in location agreed upon; typically, the client’s kitchen or a commercial kitchen [if selecting a delivery service food preparation will happen in the Chef’s kitchen]. You should ensure that the kitchen is clean and ready at the scheduled time and pets and children are out of the kitchen area. Also allow for proper refrigerator storage when applicable.

  • To book your event date all payments are made in advance of services. Your event must be paid in full 72 hours prior to your event, or your event may be automatically canceled. Please note that no refund will be issued for monies paid to date. If there are issues or delays with payments, please contact Chef Jada immediately.

  • You must have an agreed upon person available during the time of the event to gain access to the kitchen. This ensures the chef can adhere to previously outlined scheduling.

  • You will provide a trash can that the chef can use to dispose of waste, unless otherwise specified by the chef.

  • A 10-business day cancellation notice is required for all scheduled cooking sessions. Cancellations made less than the 10-business day period will incur a penalty of 100% of the quoted price.


You can expect your chef to:

  • Show up on the agreed date and time for the cooking session prepared to work. Your chef should arrive within a 30-to-45-minute window as discussed in the initial consultation. If this were to change the chef or the assistant of the chef will communicate changes with you.

  • Be dressed in appropriate attire.

  • Disinfect the kitchen with cleaning products before and after the cooking.

  • Clean the affected areas of the kitchen during and after the cooking session.

  • Handle and store fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood appropriately.

  • Respect your privacy and property.

  • Provide confidentiality between the chef and/or nutritionist (if applicable) and you.

  • Provide advance notice of any unforeseen cancellation by the chef.

  • In order to provide the best possible service for you and for safety reasons, the chef will not be able to answer the phone or the door or be responsible for allowing people in the home/venue.


Food Safety

  • Once a meal is turned over to the client, it is your responsibility to properly handle and maintain. Chef Jada or partnering Chefs and/or assistants are not responsible for problems that may occur with your refrigerator/ freezer, or due to improper handling or storage of food.

  • Chef Jada is not responsible for any illness or death due to manufacturing flaws or recalled products. The chef will inspect all ingredients but is not responsible for conditions unknown or unforeseen.

  • Food should not be left unrefrigerated for longer than 2 hours.


Some Limitations

While we are a chefs/ cooks and have educated ourselves or have a degree in health/ nutritional sciences, we are not medical doctors, nor certified nutritionists. We do not provide medical advice. You acknowledge that we have advised you to seek the advice of your doctor or other health care provider if you have any medical questions. If you fail to pay any amounts due to Jada Jo’s Kitchen under this Agreement for her services, you agree that you are subject to cancellation and services fees at the discretion of Jada Jo’s Kitchen.

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