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Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Jada is an experienced Personal Chef who provides catering services to a wide array of clientele. Driven by her belief that cooking is an art and science, she takes pride in providing the best culinary experience imaginable. Through years of experience stemming from a middle school passion, she has been able to truly shape and develop her critically acclaimed style of cooking. Creating dishes using quality and fresh ingredient Jada places a high priority and value in not only the appearance but the palate of every dish she serves. After earning her Associate’s in Culinary Arts and her Bachelor’s in Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales, Jada entered the high-end food service industry to explore her passion for crafting signature dishes.

Her mission simple…exceed the expectations of her competitors and clients and provide exceptional service from the beginning to the end of your culinary experience.

When Jada isn’t preparing great dishes and creating amazing experiences for her clients, she is traveling and enjoying the company of her family and friends. In her downtime, she likes to relax with her dog babies. Time is considerably valuable and because of this Jada believes that good isn’t enough and spends her time working towards accomplishing her goal of being successful in the food industry and expanding her reach. There was never a doubt in the mind of Jada that perfecting food was her calling. The drives going past what would become her alma mater solidified her aspiration. She also aspires to soon launch her own line of seasonings and cookbooks.

To date she has provided catering services for various types of events ranging from birthday parties to private dining for reputable clientele. Get to know Jada more by supporting your new favorite Chef.

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